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Key west Rubbers 5 pk Variety Rubs on Wooden Cutting Board

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Country:   USA
Region:   Florida
City:   Big Pine Key
Zip:   33042
Condition:   New Unused

Our Set of all 5 of Rubbers are a “one-size-fits-all” 1 oz. package On a Solid Wood Cutting Board*. Rubbers included are:


Turn the key and listen to that 250 HP Mercury outboard come to life under your hand.  Oh baby, can you feel it?  19 feet never seemed so long as you ease old For Play out of your slip at Garrison Bight, headed for the open waters surrounding Key West.  If you close your eyes right now, you can almost feel the waves lapping, the salt spray tickling your face and the sun warming your flesh.

 You’re headed for a combination of tantalizing flavors you’ve only dreamed about – tropical flavors like ginger and allspice that take you away to an island covered with mangroves and coconut trees . . . you may be headed to that special place right now . . .

*cutting boards may be different styles, depending on availability - remember, the Rubbers originated at the "end of the road!"


Cowboys – ‘gotta love ‘em.  You’ve always wanted to be one:  the big hats, the silver belt buckles, the leather chaps, the boots & spurs . . . men – real men all tanned and sweaty -- sitting on logs around a blazing campfire at the end of a long day smoking cigarettes and passing around a flask.  

You’ve spent the entire day riding some beast and all you can think about now is the slab of beef turning on a spit, dripping juices in the fire, making it sizzle with every drop.  The scent is different from anything you’ve ever smelled, and you can’t wait to rub your tongue along that quivering mass to sample the unusual flavors.  

You were right to think it would possess a different kind of heat – did the smoke come from the fire or from the meat itself?  It doesn’t really matter if it was the paprika or the chipotle . . . it was the best you’ve ever had . . . and you can have it again and again . . . anytime you want it.


Sliding along the streets of Key West in a Pedi-Cab, you can close your eyes and  remember rattling up and down the streets in Shang-Hai in a rickshaw.  Those streets were filled with women – all beautiful, wrapped in silk, smiling, beckoning to you.  

It’s our little secret that you frequent the “spa” twice a week . . . those wonderfully stimulating massages never last long enough.  But you know that all happy endings come from happy beginnings and that’s what you’ve come to expect from this blend of ginger, sesame seeds and garlic.  

You want to savor the entire experience every time:  the smell, the texture, the many different flavors that excite your palate.


What an unlikely combination that shouldn’t work, but strangely does.  The reggae blasting from a car in Key West’s Bahama Village and the quiet solitude at the end of the pier at Casa Marina don’t mix, but they do.  

There’s something for everyone, and to each his own.  You either love it, or you don’t.  You’ll find your favorite flavors tossed together:  cocoa, chilis and orange form a ménage a trois that will take your tastebuds to unbelievable heights.  

Enjoy it as often as you like.  What happens in Key West, stays in Key West.


The sun rises over the island city on the last day of your vacation.  You’re still dreaming of the past week’s fun:  parasailing was cool, seeing all the sights made her happy and the Duval Crawl was a must.  As the colorful Key West roosters crow a early wake-up call, you roll over to snuggle with hopes of something more. 

Your hand reaches over to pull her close.  Uh-oh.  You’re all alone.  Where did she go?  Jogging along Higgs Beach perhaps?  Having an early morning breakfast somewhere in Old Town?  What’s a guy to do . . . the coffee’s perking all on its own, a little salt and a little heat . . . as long as there’s some oil handy, you don’t even miss her!

 Contrary to your best guess, the “Rubbers” are really rubs for meats . . . beef, pork, poultry, fish and even veggies.  They are made from all-natural spices, blended with the utmost care and packaged securely to preserve the integrity of the unique flavors.  Each package will service several pieces of meat - there are plenty of Rubbers to go around.

 You may think you already have a great piece of meat, but we guarantee a Key West Rubber will make it even better!  Always start with a coat of olive oil, massaged thoroughly over your meat, then pick your Rubber flavor and sprinkle it on sparingly . . . don't get carried away - you can always apply your Rubber multiple times if you feel you might not have enough at first.

 So, grab a Margarita, kick off your flip-flops and explore our site.  Have a chuckle or two as you click on the product descriptions.  Then place an order to enjoy the very best of Key West Rubbers in your own home.  Treat Your Meat!

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